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LuxeSerpent Bracelet - LG305

LuxeSerpent Bracelet - LG305

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Gem Color

Inspired by Nordic culture, this accessory brings out your inner Viking. As creatures protecting the earth and all living beings, Celtic Serpents are considered one of the most powerful of all Celtic symbols. They are used among leaders as a symbol of Fertility and Healing.

MATERIAL: Oxidized and Polished Stainless Steel

FIT: Length 18-24 cm, width 1.2 cm, weight about 85 g (see sizing chart for more info)

DESIGN: The polished design has a smooth surface that will not fade and looks new after many years. Realistic Serpent-like scales shine on the wrist and is guaranteed to turn heads. Just like the Serpent, this bracelet is primitive and explosive, symbolizing power and strength.

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